What’s New on Barefeet Diary for 2018?

When I welcomed 2018, I said to myself that it’s going to be a new year with new beginnings. I want it to be the year of firsts. I know I still have a lot of firsts to cover and mostly, they’re something out of ordinary or out of my reach and beyond to what I’m capable of. So for 2018, I have plans to make them all happen. Well, first steps are always something other than nothing at all.

So, what’s new on Barefeet Diary for 2018?

  1. Personal Project. Last year, I failed to push through with my 25 Before 25. Now 25, I still want to continue it. But it’s not going to be called that anymore since it’s not going to be 25 things before I turned 25. I’ll have a separate post regarding this project to let you guys know if I need help from you.
  2. Online Store. Yes, you read that right. We’re starting to plan this month and more details about it will be announced soon.
  3. Vlogs. Yours truly will finally brave up to face the camera and put up contents on a video! We’ll see how will it go, yes?
  4. Monthly Updates in the Life of. I want to make a monthly in the life of to practice
  5. The Big Hike. On February, I will be on a trip to Davao to conquer the highest mountain in the Philippines together with Monxter Outdoor.
  6. Music Festival. It’s going to be my first!
  7. First Out of the Country Trip. Last year, I wasn’t able to get it done because of many factors I wasn’t able to project when I was planning the trip. So this year, I’m going to make it happen and I’ll make sure that last year’s mistakes won’t repeat again.
  8. New Book Projects. Since most of you know that yours truly is a self-published writer as well, I will be self-publishing and re-launching some of my books. Stay tune for more details about it.
  9. Reading Challenge. What’s a year without a reading challenge? If you have any book recommendations, leave me a comment down below.

These are just the things I can list of at the moment. Some of them are long term while some are for short term. I’ll have different posts on each items so be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to get first read on them.

To you, who’s reading this right now, make this year your year of firsts. If last year didn’t go well for you, this is the year to make it a new beginning.

Let’s be brand new together.


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