Two Years On and Off the Road. What Now?

August of 2015, I started a new journey. Fast forward to that and I’m asking myself: What now?

I haven’t quit my job and I don’t think I’ll be doing that in the near future. To say that there is too much risk is an understatement. It’s not exactly the reason why I haven’t. We all know what comes to our priority and to give up an 8-hour of work a day is not very smart as of the moment. We will all have our time and when my time comes, I’m sure I’ll be the first one to say, I finally did it. For now, I just have to endure what a four-cornered wall can do to my imaginative mind. Besides, there are days called the weekends and holidays. They are very helpful in maintaining the balance of my work life and travel life.

So, two years on and off the road… what now?


Remember that time when you were a little kid and your parents would tell you not to talk to strangers? Turns out now all strangers are that bad. Of course we know that during those times, with our vulnerability in this world, it’s hard to trust anyone outside your comfort zone (meaning family and close friends). But as we get older, we become wiser and dealing with people we don’t know comes off easy. When you’re traveling, you can’t just be on your own or with your company. You have to actually interact with those strangers along the way. I’m actually quite happy with the amount of people I met and friends with now. Some of them just come and go, but others have stayed and I’ve been traveling with them for quite some time. I’m mostly active on hiking and I’m happy with the group I’m with because I have a substantial amount of good friends to talk to and enjoy the trail with.


I’m really saying it: I have fear of heights. Why am I hiking, then? I think one of my main goal when I started hiking is to overcome my fear of heights. Somehow I forget that I shake whenever I’m on a high place. The good thing that hiking offers is that, the view’s great. How can I focus on my knee wobbling when I look up, I see this beautiful view. The endless ocean of clouds and the vast space of the earth. I’m pretty sure that I’m lead to this path so I can appreciate more the nature than my fear. I mentioned somewhere that a fear is just in the mind. But when you let it consume you, it’ll be something different. It’ll definitely get in your head and take over your mind. We all have different definition of what may fear mean to us, but my fear of heights, I can say that sometimes it’s in my head, most of the time, it’s not. It’s nothing to me when I’m on top of a mountain.


They say that when you’re lost, go travel. When you’re in doubt, go travel. When you lost your sense of life, go travel. Whenever I’m asked why am I traveling, the first thing that always comes to my mind is that, I got lost along the way and I have to find myself or I will never see the greatness of life. It’s the main reason why I started and finding my purpose along the way is just a bonus of it. I love it every time I share something about my travels to people who are interested in my story. And every time I tell them about my adventures, I see these sparkle in their eyes and then I go on and say, You have to do it, too. You don’t have to travel out of the country or 14-hours out of town. Going to museums and cafe hopping is almost the same. You see, traveling is not just about going to other countries or town; it’s going to places where you can discover new things to share to others.


Besides the fact that I’m conquering my fear of heights, I also discovered new things that I never knew about myself before. One of it (and seriously, I didn’t know I have it in me) is I’m actually people oriented. Like, how? I’m an introvert. Introverts aren’t technically socials, but then as I go along the way (and I found out there’s a word for it), I found out I’m an ambivert, which is a combination of introversion and extroversion. I’m still leaning towards introvert, though. Another is that I’m open to failures because they are lessons and they become the best teachers.


Who am I kidding? I don’t have to travel to know about this but sometimes when we travel, we go out less with the fam. I always make sure that at I get to at least go out with my family. That’s why family reunions at the province is very important to me. I want to make sure that it’ll be as smooth as possible and hopefully we get to do it every year. Also, simply going to the mall or eating out makes all the time you’re out of the house.

It’s been a happy and fulfilling two years on and off the road and I can’t wait to go to more places, discover new things about myself, get lost in new cultures, and meet new people. Maybe I’m working my butt off in a four-cornered room, but who knows? Maybe one day you’ll see me somewhere and saying, I’m working here and there. For now, I’ll enjoy the weekends and the holidays for my travels. Tomorrow, I’ll probably out and about.

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