Words from 25-year-old Me

Two years ago, I wrote Some Words from My 23-year-old-Self. I remembered that most of the things I wrote in there was about my past self, about what I’d done and about the people I met.

This time, as I’m approaching my 26th, I want to word out some of the things I learned. This may be the scariest part of life when you know that you’ve reached that point in adulthood and all you can think about is settling in, which by the way is still a long way for me. The list of plans I have is still extending and the more I get to one, the more things add up to it.

So here you go.

I realize that when I was in college, at 25, my thought was I’d have a house and a Masters degree already. I was so futuristic that I didn’t even think about the obstacles I might face during that stage of getting those. But then, graduation came and finding your first job made it so much difficult. It’s as if your plans have been wiped out and you start to zero.

That’s what happened to me. I started from scratch.

It took me five months to recover and gain the confidence that I might have. Fast forward in the future and I finally blew out the candle on my 25th birthday.

Did I ever regret not getting a Masters degree? I don’t think so.

Do I ever plan on still getting it? Maybe, yeah.

Will I ever get a house of my own? I’m actually on the process of it now.

You see, the point here is that, no plans are concrete. No decisions are final unless they are truly made and all you can do is accept it. You can make mistakes and still smile. Mistakes are teachers. Once you made it, the second time it guides you. I believe that you can never make the same mistake twice. There’s always that little spec that will make it different from your first. You shouldn’t worry about it. That only means you’re improving and little by little, you’ll have lesser mistakes.

There are also questions that I haven’t find the answer to yet. And if anyone is going to ask when I’m planning on settling down? Well, let it be the bonus of this complicated life we’re in. Right now, I’m a career woman. I put my career and myself first. I don’t think I need a partner just yet. I haven’t completed myself, and I want to make sure that I’m fulfilled on my own before I settle in. Some might say that I’m only saying it because I haven’t found the one (yet). Well that’s the thing. Since I haven’t found the one, I rather not find him just so I can become complete. If ever he crosses my way and finds me along, then that’s the bonus of it.

Let me share the things I’ve learned after watching the Delicate music video by Taylor Swift.

  1. There is a side of success that doesn’t make you happy because everyone is trying to see the best in you. That if ever you make one single mistake, you’re done for.
  2. You’re happiness is around those people who truly believes in you regardless of who you are. They are there for you no matter what.
  3. Sometimes you wish you’re invisible so you can avoid those judging eyes. Because let’s face it, there will always be people who will see the worst in you regardless of how you’re trying you’re best to be great.
  4. You do things on your own terms because you can be whoever you want to be. You’re not sheltered and dependent on those who say you can never be great.
  5. At the end of all the bad happenings in your life, you can still smile, because life is beautiful.


Take it from me, I’m not exactly the one who should be giving advises when I’m still figuring things out. But then again, with what I’ve been through for the past years, I can probably say that I’ve become stronger and much much independent than I was before.

If you’ve reached that point in your life that you feel contented, then I’m happy for you. But if you’re someone like me who is still on the winding road, don’t let judgment beat you. You are on your own time and you can do anything you want on your own terms.

Like what I’ve said before, You’re not a failure. We’re just taking the scenic road to success and fulfillment.

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