“I am a storyteller. I love words as much as I love the setting sun.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, I have never experience the outside world until August of 2015 where I’m invited to join a hike. It’s the trip that sets everything in perspective until such time, I discover that I’m no longer that introverted girl who used to hide in a four-cornered room. I want to be out there and tell stories about my experiences.

Barefeet Diary is not just all about travels. It’s also about failures that turns into lessons and dreams that (will) turn into reality. I hope that my words can be an inspiration to someone and hopefully become a motivation to reach for that goal.

Yours truly is also a writer by passion. I write young adult (sometimes new adult) fictions from romance to mystery genres. I hope to become a published author one day. For now, I’m self-publishing my stories and at the same time, I’m also writing at wattpad. From time to time, you’ll see some updates regarding my writing and the books I’m reading.

I’m taking one step at a time and enjoying where I am right now.

I’m a girl with a dream; what can possibly go wrong?